Wednesday, January 9, 2013

House Woes

Here is my house in Lynden.  Peak of summer.  We moved into the house July 2000 and moved out August 2012.  There was a young newlywed couple renting from us, but their circumstances have changed a bit and they have given notice that they are vacating at the end of February.  
So now we are in a dilemma.  To list to sell, or to try to get new renters in it.  Supposedly the market is 
very good for houses in our price range and community, BUT if I get it listed tomorrow, I NEED it to sell in 6 weeks.  Could happen.  On the other hand, if I list it with a rental management company and they can't get it rented?  When I checked on craigslist there were 20 rentals in our community at our price range that popped up for rent right away.  And some were NEW construction.  So what to do.....

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