Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Mom

 These are a few of my favorite photos of my Mom.  She is 86 years old today.  There have been a few health "scares" in the last 10 years, which make every next birthday that much more precious.
She was an "army brat".The third child of nine in her family. Her nickname was/is Toody.  I am going to have to find out how that originated. The second daughter, who grew up in the shadow of her still living big sister Adele.  A good student all through school, who she gives credit to Adele for being so bossy that she came home and taught Mom everything that she herself had learned at school.
I love that in many of the old photos I have of her, she is holding a camera.  My enjoyment of picture taking is in full bloom right now, so it means even more.  And thankful that she took them!
She also shared with me her love of reading.  Everything and anything.  It did make me crazy as a kid when I would holler out something like "MOM!  How do you spell _______?!?!"  Her answer was ALWAYS - "LOOK IT UP!!"

 She was an at home Mom.  With 5 of us to raise, everything was a chore.  Once Kevin (who grew up thinking his name was Kevin Calvin, the good boy) was in school, she went back to school and got her degree in Childhood Development and opened and operated her own business.  They bought the small house that was next door to ours, and with my Dad's skill and work converted it to a preschool.  She ran this until she had children of some of her original students coming to class there.

She dabbled in pottery, ceramics, knitting, croquet, sewing, painting, loves flowers and gardening. She was President of the Library Guild, active in PTA, Cub Scout leader for my older brother Steven. She sewed my sisters bridesmaids dresses for my wedding.  
 Everyday she does the crossword puzzle and Sudoku.   I'm so thankful that I have siblings who live near her and Dad and can be nearby as needed.  And I'm looking forward to seeing her at the end of the month.
Happy Birthday Mom.  I love you.  Thank you for all you have done and shared, and taught.  

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Such lovely memories - you are lucky to have such a wonderful mother.