Friday, January 4, 2013

My Smoothie Adventure

 This may become a sub-blog if it works out!!  I bought this Magic Bullet about 2 months before I moved.  So I took it out of the box and made one smoothie, with the help of DDIL Krista.  She and Jeff had been doing protein smoothies for a while and they liked this breakfast and snack option.  I saw it for what I thought was a pretty good price at Costco and brought it home with such good intentions.  It ended up in the closet, all intact back in the box so it would move more easily.

 So now, today, I took all these pieces out of the box and OMG!  Certainly enough equipment here to make smoothies for days and never have to even wash a cup.  I did go through the instruction book (another New Year's resolution) and found some great ideas of ways to use it other than just a morning smoothie.  
I posted on Facebook (my alternative to a neighbor since my neighbor seems to avoid us like the plague, though that is a topic for a different post) and asked what my friends like in their smoothies and got some pretty good ideas.  Although I'm still not so sure about Chia seeds....
I have an odd relationship with bananas, I should state that here.  Jay goes through "phases" where he can't get enough of them, and then he turns off just as abruptly.  He also seems to think that if a banana skin has so much as a dark blemish on it, anywhere, it must be past his prime.  Almost 40 years of marriage....PLEASE DON'T THROW AWAY BANANAS!!  Maybe it will work this time.  Anyway, I like those nice over ripe bananas for banana bread of course.  And JUST when I think they are ready to make the bread the next day, I get up and the bananas are gone.....

Well, I have learned!!  Took awhile and I guess I will be the one to change.  I unpeeled the last batch of bananas, that were PERFECT and broke them in half and threw them in a baggie and into the freezer.  
So into this beauty in the final photo, there is a frozen banana, about half a cup of frozen marionberries, a scoop of whey protein powder, a scoop of greek yogurt and about half a cup of coconut milk.  Choosing the cup was the hardest part!!  Blended it up and I am really enjoying it, with a spoon!  Does that still qualify it as a smoothie?  

Ask anyone I have woken up with, wait, that didn't sound quite right!!  Ask anyone whose HOME I have woken up in and you will know that I just don't care for breakfast.  At breakfast time, that is.  I have some meds I take in the morning, one of which says I am supposed to take it an hour before I eat anything.  So I pretty much while away an hour (or more.....) at the computer with my cuppa coffee, and nope.  Still no appetite.  Hours can go by and then I'll think I really need to eat something.  But once I do, it seems I am hungry all day.  After reading and hearing for years that you need to have breakfast to get your metabolism turned on (mine has been off since the birth of my first child in 1976) I thought, maybe this morning smoothie could be the answer.  

I have a few bags of assorted frozen fruits in the freezer, as well as those beloved bananas.  It will be fun to see what turns into my smoothie tomorrow!!  

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Bananas that have brown spots on them are said to be good for fighting off cancer - so don't throw out the brown spot banana - sometimes they are just perfect inside anyway - and then there is the banana bread like you said. You can freeze the ripe bananas and they work just as well in the banana bread as the fresh ones. Your smoothie looks wonderful - sounds wonderful too.

Just wondering - does coffee count as "food" while waiting for that hour to pass without food - just wondering :-)