Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lake Berryessa

 When I was uploading some photos from my camera today, I came across these that I took last November when Lynn, oops, I mean Jay, and I took a drive over to Lake Berryessa.
I had been a passenger in my sisters car during my first introduction to this Lake.  The roads around it are amazingly twisty and turny!!  It's not a bad route from Yountville to I-80, as long as you have a full tank of gas and an empty bladder

Jay and I both noticed the mass on top of that power pole and sure enough when we got close enough, it is a nest!!!  Eagle?

 There is a state park up there, and a couple of boat launch areas.  It was nice to get to snap some nice photos.

Below you see some of the wild turkeys we came across.

 Near the "end of the road" there is this small oasis of humanity.  Includes a very cool general store, that carries everything from bait to wine.

And a very quaint little Italian restaurant.  Notice the outdoor seating?  To the right of it, is a Bocci Court.  Yes, we will definitely be going back, and plan to have dinner there next time.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

We've loved Lake Berryessa since we first saw it 40 years ago. My dad owned some property there one time - have no idea what happened to it - my mom probably sold it.