Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Random Ramblings.....

First off, I am doing pretty darned good two weeks into the New Year with some of my resolutions.  I have NOT turned the TV on during the day during the week, not even once.  That has turned out to be a bit easier than I expected.  It was so easy to come out and hit the remote to turn it on on my way to making my first cuppa coffee.  Instead I am enjoying such great music ala Pandora.  I like to have music on while I am doing my computer "stuff".  Once I log off, I switch to my current audio book and listen to that while I am working in the kitchen, garage, sewing room or whatever.  I find I do have less stress not dialing into my MSNBC buddies all day.  Jay turns the news on when he gets home around 6, and I am still recording and watching Rachel Maddow every evening.  She is just so darned smart and explains things well.  And she talks really fast, just like me.
Haven't been through a drive through for fast food, coffee, nothing.  This one isn't so hard because we don't have any of these things in Yountville.  And my trips into Napa generally have a purpose so no idle car time.
The bed hasn't been made everyday.  Need to work on that one.

I'm entering a cooking quandry again, I can feel it coming on.  I get caught up in cookbooks, pinterest, cooking blogs and websites and I venture into new tastes and recipes.  And then I get to where I'm coming now and I wonder, why?  Why can't we all just have a meatloaf, chicken, pasta, veggie recipe we like and just use it over and over?  Jay is so NOT a fussy eater.  He will eat most anything I put in front of him, though he doesn't like stuff too spicy and avoids what he calls "weeds" (which are basically anything green in a salad that isn't iceburg or romaine lettuce).  Many of the things I see in books or online that I would like to try now are things that involve weeds or new spices so that limits me a bit to what I can actually make that is new.

Sometimes I think I would like to just have a regular weekly meal plan.  You know, fish two nights, chicken two nights, pasta, two nights, planovers (leftovers, whatever is still in the fridge) one night.  I do know that planning ahead makes a big difference in what is ready to eat at dinnertime.  I was raised at a time and in a family that dinner ALWAYS consisted of some kind of meat dish, a side dish which was usually the starch, a salad and some kind of bread.  My Dad was/is big on bread!  Even if it was just a stack of wonderbread on a plate, it was bread on the table with the meal.  And milk.  Big milk drinkers.  I still LOVE milk.  I know so many people who rarely have milk in their refrigerator, and I can't imagine being without it.  I am using coconut milk in my smoothies everyday.

I should get going.  I do need to head to the grocery store for some basics.  Meatloaf for dinner tonight.  I don't use a recipe, just start throwing things in there.  With parsley buttered rice and some asparagus.  Sliced tomatoes drizzled with balsamic and evoo.  And a couple of the angel biscuits I prepped yesterday and popped into the freezer.  Yep, got all the basics covered.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I have a basic two week menu rotation - sometimes I move the menu for a day or two around to a different day - but I usually know what is coming. I also cook in huge lots, then freeze serving size portions of the meals that can be prepared that way, and have meals for over a month of those particular ones.

Amazon sells these amazing little plastic freezing containers - they are round, stack up well and have lids that seal so well that no frost ever forms on the food and nothing get freezer burn like it does in tupperware type containers or zip bags. You can write on the lid with a sharpie and it wipes right off when you wash it.

My dad was a fanatic about his bread on the table - and he would always turn over the top slice and take the second one - even if the bread had been placed on the table the instant before. Now we rarely have bread with our meals - unless it is something like spaghetti, and then there is the garlic bread, or special ocassion meals like christmas.