Thursday, January 3, 2013

From the Old Photo File

I have always loved this photo.  Besides the fact that I am just about the cutest little thing in the polka dot dress sitting on what might be a potty seat!!  Mom wanted me trained early!!!  Just over the right shoulder is my older brother, Steven and to my left is my oldest cousin Annette and over her shoulder is her sister, another cousin Karen.  Karen and Steven were born the same year so they basically grew up together.  I have no idea who the woman holding the beer is.  Anyone recognize the brand???

Look how battered those shoes I am wearing are.  Remember when those were the kinds of shoes we put on our kids?  And we had those barrel things with bells on them to keep the laces intact!  See, the three youngest of us are wearing them.

Buying shoes was a big event when I was a kid.  Being one of 5, you hoped you were the LAST one needing a bigger size so you weren't waiting for everyone else's feet to grow, to justify a trip to SEARS in Seattle.  I never have been a big "shoe" person.  Though my husband may beg to differ.  I like practical shoes.  But I had a shoe travesty as a child.  Junior high.  Saddle shoes were all the rage.  And I was thrilled to have convinced my parents that I was due and deserving of some of those new Brown and Tan saddle shoes!!  Off to SEARS we went.  All piled into the station wagon, some in the back seat, some in the way back.  Not a seat belt in site.  We would park in the back of the store, and troop in.  Past the popcorn machine and candy bar.  Sometimes we would get a treat of some "chicken bones" if we were good.

Off to the shoe department.  There they were.  Oops.....Dad spotted some Black and White saddle shoes next to the desired Brown and Tan and those were cheaper.  Guess which shoes I came home with that day?  I was not Cool enough in school to make wearing B&W saddle shoes desirable.  So I suffered mightily!  Good thing for me, that I was in a rapid growth spurt and grew out of them pretty quickly!!!

Every so often I search online, or my sister Carol will look.  Haven't come up with any in a size I can wear, but if I do I'M BUYING THEM!!

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

That's a cute post - darling kids. When I was in school the black and white saddle shoes were all the rage and "NOBODY" wore the two tone brown. Funny had fads changed quickly, even back then.