Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddio

 This is my Dad's 86th birthday.  I went through some of my archive photos and found some of my favorites to share.

I should say first that he is doing Great!!  He and Mom still live independently, he drives and they spend lots of time in the summer months at their property near Ocean Shores.  I know we are blessed to still have both parents living and doing so well.  

This first photo is taken in front of the house on Fauntleroy where he and his 3 brothers grew up.  There was some remodeling done before we grands came along, so I never saw the house this way.  

He was in the naval reserves, and I remember clearly when he would go to a weekend training and come home requesting us to massage his aching back and shoulders....

Dad came from a boating family and was so proud when he bought this boat.  We would spend a couple of weeks each summer when I was a teen cruising the waters up into British Colombia and through the San Juan islands.  
What a treat.

He always had a fondness for BIG TOYS!!!

I think this photo was taken before he and my Mom married.  This was taken at my Candy Grandma's house, my Mom's Mom.  Talk about vintage!!

 That is me standing in the water, waiting for Dad to get that paddle thing over to me!  

There is another photo of Nancy and I balanced on each side, in our matching shorts outfits, that Mom had made.
 This is such a fun photo.  I don't know why Nancy and I have our eyes closed!!  Sister Carol is being held by Grandpa - Dad's Dad, and Grandma (known as Water Grandma and Grandpa, because they lived at the beach) is seated next to her.  Two of Dad's brothers are there with their wives and all the kids so far.  Dad is the oldest of the four.

This is a sweet photo of Dad holding Nancy and his brother Dan holding Judy.  First babies for both of them.  It was odd that though they only had brothers, they both produced girls first time out!!
 Dad worked for a long time for Consolidated Freightways.  We lived in Yakima and then he got transferred to Kennewick.  This is the truck unloading our stuff at our house there.  

Again, I love the vintage look.

This is a famous family photo.  Unfortunately it does not have Steven, my older brother in it, but everyone else is here.  Love my green dress, and those white nylons!!  

This shot could have motivated the James Dean look, don't you think? 

I love this one so much.  Such a baby.  And you sure can see Kevin, and his son Casey get their smile from Dad.   
This is the photo at their wedding.  Mom and Dad in the center flanked by both sets of parents and a sibling with spouse from each side.  This one I am going to have enlarged and framed.  Very special.

That's it for today.  Happy Birthday Dad!!!

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Love the old photos - what memories. One of my favorites was the moving van picture - they are moving the kitchen sink.