Friday, January 25, 2013

I Might Need Erin Brockovich!!

Welcome to California and PG&E!!

I had never lived in a home that had air conditioning before so I was a little apprehensive to see what that would do to the power bill.  And I wasn't too surprised when I got a bit higher energy bill than I expected in September and October.  November wasn't too bad, but December was kind of a surprise to be $279.  No air now, but using the furnace a bit.
My last two houses had a gas furnace and as my sister pointed out to me, energy overall is much cheaper in the Pacific Northwest than it is here.  Okay, fine...I tried to pay more attention to lights being on, put on a fleece vest and watch the thermostat.
So was I SHOCKED when I got the bill for the time from mid December to mid January and it was $437!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really did actually cry.
And I called PG&E and started an investigation.  And I started educating myself about my bill.  One cool thing is that yesterday I found on their web site, the link that takes me to my actual daily usage.
So I spent some time looking at all the statistics, and comparisons, and GOOD GRIEF, I am only 14 days into the new billing cycle and already into the third tier of cost!!  I've kept the heat down, off when I'm gone, turning the computer OFF at night and when I leave the house.  Haven't turned the dishwasher on in almost two weeks.  And before you want to tell me the dishwasher is more efficient, we don't create that many dishes.  I put hot sudsy water in the sink when I start a kitchen project and just wash the dishes as I go.  In the past, Jay would clean up after dinner, which he still does, and put the dishes in the dishwasher, which he still does, and then he would turn the sucker on before he would go to bed!!!  Didn't matter if it was full or not, it was just a task to be done.  But NOW I take those dishes back out, after he goes to bed, and wash them and put them away.  So I know I'm using much less energy than running a partially full dishwasher.
So I was so disappointed when I saw that we were already in a higher tier of usage.
Then I found a link that told me how I compare with "like residences"....I have been DOUBLE the average EVERY MONTH!!!  And 3 - 4 times the "economical" saver residences.  HOW can that be????  Looking a little deeper in that spot, I see that I am placed in a group of homes that have GAS HEAT!!  Which I DO NOT!
So back on the phone with PG&E today.  The fellow was very kind and tried to be helpful.  Said my investigation is underway and it usually takes up to 3 weeks.

My day started off on the wrong foot, when first I got a call from the nutritionist I was scheduled to meet, calling me to reschedule as she has the flu.  And when I got to the Napa Medical facility for my scheduled ultrasound (to see about removing my lonely ovary), I discovered that I was supposed to be at the Vallejo facility.  So had to reschedule that appointment too.

To make the day better, I stopped at the local quilt store and picked up a pretty skein of yarn, on clearance and came home to make peanut butter cookies.

Warm cookies and milk.  Fixes everything.

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