Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Productive Quiet Day

 I spoke a bit about this 365 Project I am involved in.  In an effort to really get to know my camera better, I did go online and started printing out pages of the manual for my camera.  Turns out it is over 250 pages long!!!  After looking through a lot of it, I ended up printing about half of it out.  I know, I know I could just download it and read it as needed on my computer, but I learn better with words on paper and a pencil or highlighter in my hand.  Now I have it all punched and will find a 3 ring binder to keep it all.  
My plan is to learn a different setting each day, as thoroughly as I can.  After going to you-tube I also found a couple of great videos talking about this camera and it is really amazing.  The video capabilities are exceptional, and I never even looked at that stuff on this camera when I bought it a year ago.  The retail value of the camera is also twice what I paid, having gotten it as a Deal of the Day from Amazon.  Looks like I did indeed get a good deal.  

My other task today was to bake some cookies.  I have been looking at this lemon cookie recipe for days, wanting to make them, and today was the day.  A treat, I remembered these silicon baking sheets that I had bought years ago, they were still in the box up in my cabinet when I moved, and thankfully they made the move.  Got out of the box today and onto the pan.  

The little ice cream scooper is my favorite tool for making cookies, ever!!  I have it in three sizes, and this is perfect for those recipes when it calls for 1 tablespoon balls to be made.  Besides being lemon cookies, they call for a lemon cream cheese frosting.  In the photo it looks like they have a sprinkle of coarse sugar that has been tinted yellow.  I have seen those sugars at Dean and DeLuca but have not (until now) been tempted to buy them.  These cookies will just have to survive with a shake of regular sugar if any!

Yeah, the Seahawks won their playoff game today.  BOO, now I have to put up with all that annoying stuff all over my Facebook page.  As I said there, I'll be as happy when the season is over, as my FB friends were when the election ended.  

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

tTe cookies sound wonderful. Now I'm thinking I should get the manuals out for my three cameras and see what I can learn. Two of them came with DVDs so that is going to be helpful.