Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things I Learned While Away

I absolutely will not fly again, until I am at a more comfortable size.  So that I don't have such anguish and trepidation that someone might be assigned to the seat next to me and be anything less than kind.  It's amazing what a long term impact that mean girl had on me 2 years ago.

People are who they are.  I should not expect them to behave any differently.

Blue sky is better.

Spending time with people doesn't have to mean "doing something".  It means so much to just "be there" and share time.  I loved just hanging out and being a part of their everyday.

I'm happy to know that when playing a board game, like Candyland with a 4 year old, the little pieces still have to "march" along to their next colored square.

There still is high school "school spirit".

High school gyms all smell the same, and the bands all play the same 30 year old songs.

I come from a long line of "savers"......what some might call pack rats....and I'm glad!


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Very interesting blog - and I agree about the other passengers in flight - some can be so nice and some - oh well, it is their cranky day and they have to live with themselves, I don't. Sometimes we have to content ourselves with being nice - which is so much better than those bullies.

I noticed that same thing about schools - the same smell as years and years ago - interesting.

Anonymous said...

just thought I'd mention - it's been 40+ years since we were in those high school gyms.