Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday April 6th - #94

This is the HUGEST thing I have ever assembled. I wanted a quilt for my new king sized bed, but not anything too busy or flowery. I wish the values had been a little bit greater in the the two overlapping rectangles, one is green, one is purple. I have not had this one quilted yet, as you can see, it is just laying over the existing comforter for the photo. I have a bit of a side view too

It's pretty simple, but it is the look I wanted. Is going to be kinda spendy for the quilting, since it is so big! But I will get it done this year.

Today is the day I am packing up for my retreat. I'm actually driving south tonight after we have our celebration dinner with Todd for his birthday last week.

Here he is the day after his birthday with my granddog Laila. He came to pressure wash the barbecue and the patio. He has his own lawn maintenance business, he is the Lawn Ranger. Been doing that now for 5 years. He also plays in 3 different bands as the drummer. His main band - Spaceband, plays very regularly in Bellingham and now plays at a casino down south every 6 weeks. They are pretty well known, especially with the college crowd.

I best get packing!!


Pat said...

How nice to have the big quilt top done. I know it is so expensive to get things quilted...makes me shudder when I have to get it done!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oooooooo fabulous quilt. A nice clean look - yet fancy looking. Have fun at the retreat and birthday dinner - see you when you get back.

Dena said...

I like this quilt as it has an antique effect. Can't wait to see how you have it quilted.

Have fun at your retreat. I'm going to miss you, even if I will still get to see your quilts.