Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3rd - #91

Isn't this pretty and spring like???? Thanks to many friends....this started out as part of a swap with an online group called a SWAN - swap without a name. Each person chooses a focus fabric and sends it out. Mine was the lemon and blueberry print. Then the blocks come back, with what they created. There are 9 of those blocks in this piece. Then another online challenge was called a "bag lady" swap. Where you take something that you want someone else to finish and send it off to them! I sent dear Julie those 9 blocks and more of the blueberry and lemon fabrics. And can you believe this is what she created???? She is so creative and talented. This one is near the top of my tops ready to go to the quilter. Thanks so much Julie.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I've probably mentioned this before, but I was not raised in a very churchy environment, and Easter was always egg hunts and ham for dinner. So today Lynn and I are driving south and will spend a night in a hotel, so we don't have 4 hours of driving in one day. Then get together with my parents and siblings and whichever of their children come along. Kyle, Genie and Carter will be there, but Jeff doesn't like the drive so they aren't coming. Yes, I am very disappointed. Partly because I think Jillian and Ethan really like to go, and Krista and mostly because Jeff doesn't WANT to come. Lynn keeps reminding me that our kids grow up and have their own lives, but I still want them to be a big part of MINE! Is that asking so much - sad little laugh out loud.

I'm taking along my knitting project to work on in the car. We are taking the new mustang which is not nearly as comfortable as the truck, but I can still knit. And my camera. And my cool tie dyed eggs. My iTouch, some books for my Mom. Oh and I need the video camera and I am continuing my "interview" with my parents that we began on my Mom's birthday in January. This time I want them to talk about their childhoods.

My "looking back" photo today is one of the few of all of the kids together. My oldest brother Steven is on the right and my youngest brother Kevin (whose house we are visiting tomorrow) is in front of me. To my right are Nancy and Carol climbing on the railing. That was Carol, always climbing.

I'll be home tomorrow afternoon. Take care all, please enjoy your day however you choose.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like a fun day - we are having everyone here for the egg dyeing - hunting and then a big dinner of fresh spring foods - and ham of course - and lots of fun with the boys. HOpefully the rain will hold off and we can do the egg hunt outdoors. I've already sampled the chocolate - it is GOOD.

Julie said...

Oh yes, I had fun with that quilt top. The fabrics were busy and a challenge but I was happy with it! I'm glad you are too!

My mom is bringing a ham tomorrow and I'm doing potato salad, bbq green beans and bunny cake. Mom is bringing boiled eggs to dye too. Just one kid is home so it will be a small gathering.