Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8th - #96

Do you have your sunglasses handy??? I made this top while at a Leavenworth retreat a few summers ago. Actually I wanted to make SOMETHING using this border and found this quilt called Ranchers Daughter somewhere, I forget where. It's pretty wild, but I think once it is quilted it will "settle" a bit - LOL!

I think this one might get to go to an auction.
Speaking of which, my husband pretty much FORCED me to choose quilt for the Bellingham auction which is next weekend. He indicated he would choose one while I was gone on my retreat, if I didn't pick one. It is a lot harder to part with these than I wanted. A few I could donate, but they weren't quite up to snuff for one reason or another, my opinion. I tried to copy and paste the quilt I gave him, but it didn't want to work. If you look back, it is the one from January 28th. I was actually tearful as he carried it out the door, what is with that????? I guess I wasn't ready for it to go, but I'll survive. That one was quilted by Sally Howard, and credit will be given to her on the auction description. Thanks Sally.


Pat said...

I like this quilt....I don't think it's too bright at all!

Piecefulafternoon said...

FAbulous Fabulous!!! It is hard for me to part with some of my quilts too.

Dena said...

Since I love brights, this quilt has the perfect color palette. Love the border!