Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5th - #93

Happy Monday! What a great day for working in the garden. Took some time out though to get some photos for my blog. And thanks to my friend JoAnni I am going to be able to keep my photos going for you, even though I'll be gone and enjoying myself with 18 other wonderful quilters for 5 whole days!!

This piece was another fun, easy project. I had again, a collection of 9 patch blocks. And I had ordered a bunch of this little green bee fabric, so I thought, let's put them together! This is one of the projects I'm taking to the retreat to actually quilt it, so it will be ready to be gifted.

I thought I would also show an update on my current CCS projects. First is the one I showed two other progress photos of, which you are welcome to scroll back and see
I'm working on the tulips on the left, and there is a grapevine wreath behind them. Also to be added are three gardening tools hanging to the right of the seed sign. And the "H" for the the word choice is to be put in with a back stitch.

I've told the story of my cross stitch loss, but this next one somehow survived.....I must have had it tucked in a bag that I was carrying at the time.

It is from a Charles Wysocki print. The detail on this piece is amazing. Right now I'm working from the upper right hand corner to fill in the top bit. I think it is so cool, and will look forward to getting it finished and framed.

We had a lovely visit on Easter at my brother's house. I was able to share the next batch of childhood slides that I had transferred onto DVD. My parents really enjoyed it, there were even photos from their honeymoon. I still have about 100 slides being copied now, and should be ready in about 2 more weeks. Then I'll be able to create a nice "movie" with music and narration, is my plan.

OH! In celebration of my upcoming 100th consecutive post of quilt photos, I'm going to have a giveaway!!! Details will follow. I'm hoping we can increase my number of followers and then the giveaway will be even better!!!


Piecefulafternoon said...

Wonderful quilt - and glad I could help you with post-dating your quilts so they will show up while you are out having fun.

I'm amazed at the 100 quilts - and I'm sure you have a lot more to show. I put my quilt show on hold for a little bit - should get back to it - but I am only up to 30 and don't have near as many as you do - I'll not reach 100 - that's for sure.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh yeah - I love the x-stitch - but it gives me a headache to even think of doing it myself LOL I'll just enjoy seeing what you create.

Dena said...

Nice quilt and your cross-stitching is beautiful. Enjoy your time quilting for your friends.