Saturday, April 24, 2010

QT #3 and some catch up

Talk about being and obsessive compulsive quilter/piecer!! These blocks were actually rather fun to do. I had taken a big stack of 8" squares of fabric to a retreat and created these two blocks, put them together and said YEAH! Then it sat for a long time as I tried to decide how to finish it. At some point I guess I made a decision and started adding the green strip and border. The top border isn't even sewn! It was hung on it's hanger with the pins in it! So I guess I best find the other two border pieces and get this puppy done. Manic scrappy it could be called!

Last Saturday I went to the Bellingham farmers market and had hoped to go again today, but the day got away from me. But I thought if I shared a few photos from last week, I could feel like I went again today.

I thought this was pretty clever. You ride the bike which powers the blender so you can make your own smoothie!!

And right next door to that was this
Some amazing cupcakes!!! I'm glad I'm not a sweets person. I did plan to have lunch there and I had a WORLD of options

I love Thai food, but there was no empty places to sit and eat so I thought I'd keep looking.....

I have no idea what Ethiopian food even smelled pretty good, but lets keep looking....

The salads they were making here looking amazing.
Again, looks interesting, but looks like something that requires a place to sit...maybe next time.
Brandywine kitchen had some lovely things, which required the use of silverware. Such smelled goood.

Ah yes, a gyro could be carried and eaten!! But too juicy, I'd get drips on my shirt for sure. Keep going..

Can you believe after all that I ended up with a hot dog from Hemplers!!! LOL! My time was up and I had to get to the car and drive to Fairhaven so I could see the speaker at the book store. They wrapped my dog so I could carry it to the car, where I ate it while I was driving.....and dripped mustard on my shirt......

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Pat said...

Never fails that drips happen when you are heading someplace and would LIKE your shirt to be clean!!!