Monday, April 5, 2010

Thought for the Day

Why don't people carry their babies anymore? I've noticed this trend for many, many years. Yes, the car seat is vital, and irreplaceable when traveling, but why must the poor child remain in the box once the car is off? There are options besides your arms. A sling, a front pack or back pack as the child gets older.
I think that bodily contact is so very important to babes as well as to parents. Some cultures carry their children until they are a year old!
When I lived down south in a much more metropolitan area and attended more high crowd events, I even made up a business card that said "thank you for carrying your baby" and handed them out to people using slings or packs. And while strollers can make moving in large crowds easier, it can be a pain to the rest of the people shopping. I've often thought that big events should offer a "hot wheels" day. People challenged with strollers and even wheelchairs could have the place to themselves!!
Yes, it may be "easier" and more "comfortable" for parents to carry a box with a handle but is that the choice parents should make and is that what you teach those precious children? To do what is "easier" and "more comfortable". Or do you do and teach to do the BEST thing?
Please, gift a sling, or baby Bjorn to expecting parents and encourage them to hold those children close to their hearts. And say "thank you" to those who use them. It really is best for everyone.


Dena said...

When my children were young, I carried them unless I was somewhere where I had heavy or multiple packages to carry. Then I used their stroller. Of course, that was when I was younger and had stamina! LOL

Pat said...

My kids were babies in the days before the slings were fashionable and readily available and I carried them all the time. I mainly used the stroller for walks outside.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Well said - I loved carrying my kids - and even now when the grandsons are just a tad too big for me to carry them, I love it when they climb on my lap or lean against me while talking - touch is so important.

Melissa said...

I tried with Darrin, but he was not a cuddler and honestly did not like to be carried. I think there is something off, sensory, for him (and could very well have been drug related). Even now it is a rare treat to be able to snuggle with him. Otherwise he would have rather walked or ridden in his stroller.