Wednesday, April 14, 2010

QT #1

Did you miss me yesterday? Shocker that my sister who is NOT a quilter called me this morning a bit concerned that I didn't post yesterday. I thought that after 100, I would take a day off and recalibrate. So today I am starting with QT#1. So this is a quilt top. These will be in varying states of finishedness.....(sounds better than a UFO). This one is quite holiday like, so I'm waiting to find just the perfect border. I like the asymmetrical look. Pretty simple, but will be fun to practice my new free motion quilting skills on!

I will still keep my quilts coming in the same sequential order, just FYI. The drawing for the winner of a table runner will be done tonight after Lynn gets home. I've put all the names down and numbered them and he will pick a number and that will be our winner!! Thank you all so much for coming along on my quilting/photo journey.

Speaking of my sister.....this is sister Carol. When I went to visit for her birthday last month, I finally taught her the basics of knitting. Her dog Megan isn't so sure she likes this idea.....

I came across another bag that I had knit and felted a couple of years ago. This one still needs to have handles, just haven't decided what kind I would like to use. This was a great project to use up some bits of a lovely wool, along with some novelties.

Isn't that fun? I'm just about done with my current bag and hope to felt it this weekend. I'll show some before/after photos of that process.

It's Wednesday night, who is going home on AI tonight? I'm guessing/hoping Andrew and Katie. Crystal is my fave with Lee right behind her. Yes, I'm an Idol fan.....


Piecefulafternoon said...

Glad to see you back - I love the QT - or I've heard them called flimsies - or how about calling them PhD - Project Half Done - whatever they are - I'm glad we are still getting to see more of your work.

Dena said...

I've always wanted to learn how to knit, but sadly, I haven't taken the first step yet.

I'm a huge AI fan. I'm cheering for Crystal and Lee too. I think they stand above everyone else.