Friday, April 16, 2010

And now for something totally different

I'll be counting down rather than counting up for a brief period.....I have 26, TWENTY SIX, days until I fly to New York for 4 days, followed by a nice drive upstate New York and 3 days in Cooperstown. After much contemplation, consideration, complaining, compensating, coercing, I absolutely, positively have got to lose a few pounds and get in better shape for walking around and enjoying my trip. Not to mention making the flying part a bit more comfortable, for those few short commuter flights where I'm not in first class.
So today, I went to the gym...yep! Did some cardio and some lower body weight training. Came home exhausted, and with jelly legs. Those of you who have experienced that know just what I mean! And then after a couple of hours at home, I popped in the Biggest Loser Quick Start DVD and did 10 minutes of cardio with that. No excuses, no more delay. Sister Carol has been going to the fitness center at the hospital where she works and has been pretty diligent about going every other day. She jokes about the generic work out buddies, who regardless of having to have an oxygen tank with them, are still working out!
Please bear with me here, as I take this flying leap off the computer chair!! I'll keep you posted as I find the energy to do so.


Pat said...

Good luck...I really need to shed about 45 - 50 lbs. myself.

Cindy said...

You go! Vacations are always more fun when we feel our best.

Dena said...

Good for you Sharon! I need to start going back to the gym too, but it's so far away and since my ankle still isn't completely healed and uneven ground kills it, I have a difficult time walking around the property. One of the drawbacks of living in the boonies. lol