Friday, April 16, 2010

QT #2 - along with other tidbits

Definitely a work in progress. I had made all these blocks, and then played with them until I came up with this layout. I am going to finish off the half blocks on the outside and then contemplate any kind of border. Love using up some novelty print squares.

Last night was Jillian's second grade music concert. I love that they learn and perform old folk tunes. Kind of like learning all those old Christmas carols...they need to stick around forever, IMHO. Ethan wasn't so sure he was going to participate next year when he is in kindergarten....oh my, is he going to be shy? I don't know how I will handle that!
This is a flowering almond. It was a "free" item at a nursery about 6 years ago. Not much more than a stick, but it was free, so I stuck it in the ground! I've had a blossom or two in years past, and then I cut it off and this year I was rewarded with an odd shaped, though pretty little burst of pink!

It's so nice to see this tree next to the garage recover. About 5 years ago, our 80 some year old neighbor asked Lynn is he would cut this tree down, as he (the neighbor) didn't like when those pesky blossoms landed in his yard. Lynn asked me about it and I said absolutely not!!! I LOVE that tree, and the blossoms are easy, they blow away, or can be raked or vacuumed, which I was willing to do if they were so troublesome for him. The next year, just as the tree was ready to bloom, my son happened by and found neighbor octogenarian up on a ladder cutting branches that were hanging over the property line. The good news was that he didn't fall, the bad news was that my tree was so misformed I just cried. The headscratching part was, did he really think the rest of the blossoms were going to learn their lesson and not dare fall into his yard???? The neighbor has since moved to assisted living, and actually passed away two years ago. The house still sits vacant. But my tree is recovering...

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Dena said...

I like your quilt layout. Your flowering Almond is beautiful. Nice freebie!