Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Wednesday Adventure

Now that Jillian and Ethan are all settled into their new home, new school and new routine I don't see them enough! So we are having Wednesday Adventures. On this particular Wednesday we went out on the pier in Blaine. This first photo of Ethan is with White Rock BC in the background. It really is special to live this close to another country.

And here is Jillian posing with Canada!

We had a cool moment driving along the water, and looking at all the boats in the marina there. A seagull was working on getting into a clam! Ethan thought it was very cool to watch the gull raising up and dropping the clam onto a rock several times.

After our time out there we headed back to their house where they had a lovely Valentines gift for Lynn and I.

Here is a close up of our flower vase that is filled with long stem sweets!! Several are sugar free so that Geepa can have his share.

I think I am on the down side of a lousy several days of hacking, racking cough. I shouldn't have been bragging about not getting the crud so many others have been battling. Unfortunately it come on full blown while I was down at Carols for a weekend visit, and it was so bad I was unable to go and have my play day with Carter and Henry as I had planned. On Monday, I did stop and have a non hugging or kissing visit with them and Genie. My next time south will be at the end of the month, when I get to go to my first quilting retreat of the year.

Will be back soon, with our next Wednesday adventure photos.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a sweet time to spend with the grandkids. Glad you are feeling better.