Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finding While Searching

The power cable to charge the notebook computer I have, has been missing for a while. I don't think about it until Jillian is over and asks if she can use it. And so the search begins again. For some reason I have a picture in my mind of the cord being in a bag, that I used for travel with some crafting project in it as well as the notebook. So I got into the main coat closet where I have several assorted containers filled with different yarns. One box had some great treasures, but no power cord.

If you can believe it....when Jillian was just a baby, I thought it would be "fun" and grandmotherly of me to knit her a sweater. And so I started one! The above photo is the back of the sweater completed and the start of one side of the front. That was it. As far as I got.
And now....I can't bear to rip it out!~! I must be sick....

And a HUGE surprise was finding these two adorable newborn hats!! I had made them for a friend at work who was having twin boys. Two years ago.....Nice to see that at least I finished them. I made them from sock yarn that does the pattern on it's own. I had bought quite a few sock yarns intending to make more of these sweet hats....yep, they are in the box.

This is some of the stuff I took out of this box. On the left on the floor is the beginnings of what is supposed to be , or going to be, a felted bag. I made several of these a few years ago. Gifted several. I have a few here, and I sure wish I liked carrying bags more. Whenever I do carry one, I always get nice comments. I did have one friend ask me if she could buy one from me.....I just might let it go.

Another great FIND today was something new with my Kindle Fire. Turns out I can indeed stream movies and tv shows right to it!!! And because I'm an Amazon Prime member, I get tons of them for free. So I started watching a BBC series that another friend had recommended. Very cool.

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