Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dilemma of Unders

I have no photos for this post, and you should be thankful!!

I've never been a "pretty underwear" person. Even when I had a body that would have been worthy, which is almost so long ago I can barely remember. I have given long lectures on the evils of underwire bras, after my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Not the purpose of this blog however.

This is about panties. Underpants. Underwear. Why does it have to be so hard? Besides the types of materials they use, overall or even just in 'sensitive' areas, there are things to consider in the finishing. Elastic? Covered? Banded?

Yes, I did have the requisite Days of The Week unders when I was in elementary school. The only other memorable panties was the package I bought that had smiley faces all over them, right when the Happy Face craze happened! One pair was quit interesting as it had one frowning face in an interesting area.....

Remember when the 'edible' underwear was a rage? No, I never had any.

The worst for me is the style. Hi Cut, French Cut, Boy Leg, Briefs, Hipster, Hikini, String Bikini, Thong. I don't get the thong at all, what is the point?

I've asked on Facebook how many of my friends have multiple sizes of underwear in their drawer. A HUGE number of them have assorted sizes. As do I. When I was doing a purging of dresser drawers last month I discovered I have 4 different sizes. Unfortunately the smallest size is the least how long do I hold on to them, dreaming?

I'm at a point that the best fitting unders are getting to the point that they seem like they are giving up the ship! It's like they just decide they have had enough and let all their life go...know what I mean? I've heard that the ones that are close to "done" I should save and take those with me on my cruise this fall, then when I'm done with them each day, I can just throw them away - LOL!!! A 14 night cruise, yes it would leave some good space in my luggage to bring new treasures home.

In the meantime, I'll continue to dream, to purge, and watch for my favorite plain old COTTON BRIEFS, in the appropriate size, to be on sale.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Perhaps it is designers that give us the idea that our bodies are not worthy of pretty underthings. I say everyone should have pretty underthings if they want them, but having said that - I do prefer nice soft cotton undies rather than itchy, scratchy, hot undies of synthetic materials.