Saturday, March 17, 2012

Strolling in the Yard

After being trapped in the house and hacking like a crazy person for a week, I took a little stroll outside today just to get some air. It felt pretty good out there, though still a bit chilly.
Love these day lilies and the beautiful poppy that lives in this spot. I have a few more poppies that I've moved around the yard, thanks to this mother plant.

It was so great so see a couple of primroses that somehow made it over the winter to give me a kiss of color.

This is an iris patch. I think maybe I need to thin it out after they bloom this summer. And I wonder if I need to throw some dirt on there?

These purple crocus are about 8 years old. The windmill was made by my SIL's Dad and they gifted it to us long ago.

another patch of day lilies. Every year they bloom, I think I want to get a few more varieties to add, and then I forget to do it.

And my wonderful rhubarb. There is a teeny tiny little third one. I keep thinking it is dead the last couple of years, and then it surprises me! These two beauties that are there were sent to me by my friend Bea, so they are very special.

I saw lots of weeds, lots of yard work to be done. The grass needs some fertilizer, there is pruning to be done. I'll look forward to a bit warmer weather and a bit healthier lungs so I can get out there.

I believe this will be our last spring/summer in this house, so it sure changes my view. With Todd's help, I think we can have the yard looking showplace perfect with about 2-3 days of work. I'll still plant my pots on the porch and get a few hanging baskets, but most likely not be making as much of an annual investment in annuals....

So now I'm refreshed and pooped! Back inside for a cuppa tea and my kindle.


Linda B said...

Sorry you have been ill. Your yard is lacking in weeds compared to mine!!! And don't put any dirt on those irises. They bloom more profusely with most of their bulb above ground.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Your yard is wonderful - don't you just love the late winter/early spring walks?

Don't spread any dirt on the iris - they love to peek above ground and they tend to rot if covered in dirt. After a few years they can be divided if they get too big above ground - but only press them into the soil, don't cover. If they survive being covered with dirt they will simply climb out above the dirt and look like they do now.

I can't wait to see photos of the poppies and the irises.