Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just So Much Going On!!

The first meeting of the grandkids happened this week!! I will have a whole blog about Henry's birth soon. It was such a treat to have Kyle, Genie, Carter and Henry come for a quick visit. And I actually got Carter, Jillian and Ethan to sit still long enough for a photo, thanks to Carter holding his new baby brother!!

Since Carter was a baby, and he came for his first visit I have taken a photo of him on the corner of this couch every time he comes up. So now I have started this with brother Henry as well. I'll do the progression photos near Carter's birthday in September. In the meantime here is his current addition to the collage, as well as the first for Henry.

We are on the second half of the week of the Northwest Washington Fair that goes on across the street from us, one week a year. For 51 weeks, I live in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. This one week, I live in controlled chaos!! Attendance so far has been down, we are guessing because it has been so bloody hot up here! Yesterday cooled down and today is actually overcast and breezy. I love it...
I went to the fair on Monday with Kyle, Genie, Carter and Henry. Genie just loves the Dutch treat sold during this fair called Poffertjies.

What a funny photo with Carter's little legs hanging out of the baby carrier on Genies chest!!

And yesterday I did the fair with Krista, Jillian and Ethan. They love the carnival of course and get the all day wrist bands so they can ride everything!

And ride they did!!!

Krista stayed and enjoyed the Kenny Rogers concert with Lynn. Every year they pick a concert to attend together. Jillian and Ethan walked back home with me and declared it to be the "best day ever!!"

One more photo to share. I was so happy that Todd had a chance to stop by and meet his new nephew. The kids all call him Uncle Tito....never say never, but I'm not expecting this child #3 of mine to provide any grandchildren....but he sure enjoys playing with his niece and nephews!

Lots to do. Lynn is home sick today, terrible head cold. Krista ended up staying home from work as well, feeling like she was coming down with it too. Jillian is over her pneumonia, but Ethan is coughing a lot, and may end up with his own X-ray....

Will do my best to visit more often...


cctru said...

Why did I think you were going to post something about your dinner tonight??
Plus, you need to update your profile as Henry has officially arrived!

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a fabulous family you have - looks like everyone was having a fun day. We are going to the fair on Saturday - I hope the attendance isn't too high that day, but I bet it will be, since it is the last day.