Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Day in New York City

Did that grab your attention - LOL!! Yes, this was an actual real place on the south side.

We were lucky both days of our tour that we had pretty darned good weather. I did get on the bus without a hat, and jumped off quickly at the first stop and bought a hat from a sidewalk vendor. Pink, and it says New York Princess.

This is a wall that is a memorial to all the children killed during the 9/11 attack. All these photos and cards and mementos. Was really very moving.

See that window next to the "feel" word on the banner? I think that is where Keith does his broadcast for MSNBC! My political resource idol.

We actually got off the bus here and went into the building. Didn't take a tour, but did go through the gift shop where I bought myself a Countdown coffee mug and a Top Chef apron.

I turned around after taking that photo and got this photo of Rockefeller Center. Where those tables and umbrellas are is where the ice skating happens in the winter. And straight ahead between those buildings is the huge lighted tree.

The only "famous" person we saw was Anne Curry. She is very tiny!

Connie and I had the most amazing lunch at a Cuban restaurant that day. She had a sandwich with a pulled pork and pickles, grilled like a panini. I had a great pork dish with an amazing cuban rice and bean side dish. Just awesome.
Coming up this week will be some wonderful photos of our trip up to Cooperstown. It was our second visit to this little town and we would definitely go again.

What I'm hoping to be writing about in the next day or two is the arrival of the new Templeton!! Full moon tonight, and Genie was having contractions still about 10 minutes apart about an hour ago. Guess I better try to get some sleep, in case my phone rings in the night!!

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Anonymous said...

July 30, 2010
Happy Birthday!
Glad you had fun playing tourist!
Robin in Leavenworth,WA