Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Cleaning up my camera file, I found these photos of Mary Chapin Carpenter. This was the outdoor concert at the Woodland Park Zoo that I attended with Lynn earlier this month. She performed here with her good friend Shawn Colvin. I do have one of Shawn's CD as well, and during the concert realized that I do love her crystal clear voice. Much like Jewel.

You can tell that these two have been friends for quite a long time.

This singer/songwriter style is my very favorite to listen to. One of the reasons I love So You Think You Can Dance on TV is for the new artists I discover, that they dance to. The latest is a guy named Ron Pope. If you are a music lover and haven't discovered iTunes yet....go NOW!

We attended a concert about 25 years ago at this same venue. It was Karla Bonoff. Another one of those gems....I used to listen to TAPES of hers in my car long ago, and was thrilled to get a nice collection of her stuff, again on iTunes.....anyway! This time around I didn't care for the venue much at all. About 1/2 of the people attending, were there for the concert and the other half were there for the outdoor picnic with some background music provided. TONS of little kids running everywhere, people wandering and chatting. I thought it was rude to the performers and also to those of us who paid our $30 to hear the music.

The winery in Woodinville has a similar set up, but not the little kid factor. When you are there you just have to deal with people who drank too much wine!! We buy the tickets so we sit in the grass, bringing along a quilt, and a couple of low, low, low chairs. They even have a notice posted that if the back of your chair is higher than 20" (or whatever it is), than you must sit in the HIGH BACK chair section, so you don't block the view of those of us who complied with the regulation. One time they even walked amongst the patrons with a yardstick and measured chairs and made people either move to the appropriate section, or fold their chair up. I LOVED it when they did that. However, the concert was a rockin one and many of those people in front of us chose to STAND UP! Does that make sense?????

When we were younger we attended many concerts. When I was a teen I was lucky enough to get to see the Beatles at the Seattle Center. I remember sneaking out with Susie Price and we went downtown to see The Dave Clark Five! Pat O'Day used to sponsor a Teen Fair every summer and yes, that was me in the group during the dance contest in the white boots....

Lynn and I were talking about all the bands we have seen. Of course, he holds the record of having seen the Beach Boys (or some combination of) over 50 times. In fact, he attended the latest concert in the rain at the Snoqualmie casino in June....I think the band I have seen the most often is Chicago. I hope music will always be a part of our lives together. But I'm not sure how much longer we'll be sitting in the grass to watch......

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