Thursday, August 26, 2010

In My Mail today!!

AWESOME!! It took a little investigative work to find out it came from Kyle, Genie, Carter and Henry for my birthday. This is a HUGE book, like an old Sears catalog. And filled with lots of great info about spices, and tons of recipes.

Can't wait to dive in and choose something to make first.

Speaking of the Sears any of you remember those days when the catalog would come in the mail? I could spend hours turning page after page after page. Sometimes one sister or the other would sit with me and whoever was on the left side got everything on the left side of the catalog. We would snicker and giggle over the ladies underthings section. Most of my school clothes up until about 8th grade were ordered out of the catalog. OH! And when the Christmas catalog came it was like a holiday all in itself!!

On the occasion we would actually load into the car and go to Sears in Seattle, it was a major adventure. We always parked in the back, and got a bag of popcorn as we came in the back door. By the shoes....

One of my first "real" jobs was working for Sears. My Dad loved it because he could go into the employee discount store.

It is still a bit sad when I pass by on I-5 and look over and it doesn't say SEARS on the top of that building anymore....almost as sad as not seeing the Rainier beer logo.....gosh I loved those commercials! What a rambling post today...


Piecefulafternoon said...

I do indeed remember the Sears catalog - and the dresses I would cut out - and the order blanks I would fill out - never getting the things on the order blank - my mother picked one new dress for school and that is what I wore.

After we were married and lived back in Alaska and our oldest daughter was born, we still had to order from the Sears Catalog because there wasn't enough available in our little town. I would order bundles of fabric - you could choose "household", "childrens" or "dress" fabrics - you got a bundle of 20 or 25 yards, with pieces ranging from 2 to 4 yards, and you never knew what you were going to get - but it was all we had and it was super fun to open the packages - it took 4 weeks on the freighter or the barge for the order to get to Sitka, longer if you missed the shipping date. I still have a few pieces of our daughter's clothes that I made from those wonderful bundles of cotton - and some of the fabric eventually went into quilts. Yes, I do remember the Sears Catalog.

My best friend beat me out for the job working at the Sears order counter, so I took a job at the local soda fountain - and that's where I met Don - guess it all worked out anyway.

Anonymous said...

i loved the Sears catalog and the store. We always got our school clothes there until probably 7th grade. It was a BIG deal to go school shopping. My mom also worked there before she was married. My grandma bought us pajamas for xmas every year so we went through the xmas catalog and circled the ones we wanted. Funny, how grandma always got us the right ones :)
Do you remember the candy counter? It was huge! I remember the nuts under lights, making them look so yummy. I usually got swedish fish tho...I think the nuts were to expensive. That whole store smelled like popcorn. I miss seeing it when I drive by still.
Continue to love your blog. Linda

Annette said...

Love your blog. Woud sure like to see Nancy and Carol. Now I am really dating myself but your catalog blog reminds me that when I was a kid and tried to talk Adele and Phil into buying a donkey out of the Sears catalog. Now they don't even carry toys in the store here. Tell Nancy I am keeping her brother in law in my prayers. Hope all is well with him.