Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two weeks of USE IT UP!

Those of us in the quilting world know all about UFO's. Well I have another kind. Unknown frozen objects. It seems I fill my freezers (yes, two. I have one in the garage as well) with freezer bags and bowls. Now I declare a two week USE IT UP process. So the only groceries I am allowed to purchase are fresh dairy and maybe produce. Or a staple item, like this morning we used the last of the maple syrup on the french toast I made with the last of a loaf of french bread we had with dinner a few nights ago. so I will get another bottle, if I find one on sale. It is a nice challenge. For dinner I am using a pound of hamburger which was the first thing my hand grabbed in the freezer last night. Going to make the infamous tater tot casserole! And some cooked carrots, probably with some dill. And have the last of the cottage cheese and some fruit. With a rhubarb crisp for dessert. I have about two more pickings of rhubarb out there. I think I will be harvesting some lettuce next week so that is cool! This rhubarb is very special because it was sent to me by a dear friend. She posted online one day that she was being overwhelmed with rhubard and did anyone want some. I raised my hand and a few days later here came a box in the mail with two rhubarb plants! Love it!
The house next door to me has been vacant and for sale for over two years. The couple who owned it became quite elderly and had some developing health issues which required them to move into assisted living. They had a lovely rhubarb patch in the back yard that they would always share with the neighborhood. Last year I went over and helped myself to some, since no one was harvesting it. A few weeks later the son in law (who really is an SOB) came and dug up the whole clump and dumped it!!! Luckily he missed a root, so I moved it over so it could join my little family of rhubarb.
I'm "on call" today from 3-7 and it is almost 2 :30 with no call, so I am probably safe to get my weeding clothes on and head out to do some more of that. Plus fill the bird feeders and miracle gro the pots and hanging baskets. Tonight I hope to spend some time in the sewing studio.
Tomorrow is the beginning of my Women's Health 30 day running program, so wish me well.
I figure if I put it out there it will help me to be accountable. Plus I have no where I have to travel to in the next 30 days so I ought to be able to accomplish it, if I don't kill myself in the process!!

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Dena said...

I have 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer and sometimes it can be scary rummaging through them. I try to take inventory of the freezer contents every 3 months, but more often than not, it passes by without notice. I have not discipline!