Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some catching up

I spent some time this morning cruising through my list of saved blogs in my bookmarked list. It was very refreshing and again encouraged me to open up a bit and let my blog address be "out there" for anyone who might like to read along. It doesn't have to be just about quilting, or kids, or work or whatever. It can Right? So I'm going to do it. Welcome to anyone who has decided to join me.
Lynn is gone in the truck to get it's oil change (he is OCD on car maintenance) and I'm hoping my camera is in there. I want to post a few photos here today, plus take one of the incredible bouquet of peonies I picked yesterday. I love it as I sit at the computer and for some reason a little breeze must come from somewhere I get the most glorious light scent from them.
Lots of things "to do" around here. Not much desire to do them unfortunately! I have a couple of MUST DO things that I ought to attack first. The first of which is to get dressed, so off I go to do that. More later.


Cindy said...

Yup...our blogs can be about anything and nothing! Fun to see you in the blog world.

Dena said...

I agree, blog topics are whatever is on your mind and you feel like sharing.