Friday, June 12, 2009

No more pencils, no more books!!!

Today was Jillian's last day of first is it that the time is going by so darned fast! Her Geepa is so proud that she won the "cleanest desk of the year" award..... I went to the school so I could get a photo of her with her first grade teacher so we can have it for a journal for her. Her teacher does a fabulous job. If you click on the photo it will blow up and you can see the cute pink stripes in Jillian's hair. It was "crazy hair, crazy hat day". I guess these are little clips so no real color in there, which is good since she has her ballet recital tonight! Next year Ethan will be in preschool and Jillian into the second grade. OH and her exciting news was that her pesky second bottom baby tooth finally came out! Her new permanent tooth was already up behind it so it was kinda funny looking. After school we went over to dear friend Junes' house and had some strawberry cake to celebrate the end of the school year. June and her husband did not have children so it can be a challenge to have these two energetic youngsters in their beautiful home. She is always so gracious and they truly do love her. Thanks again June.
Tonight is the spring ballet recital so I'll have another photo to share. In the meantime, it is out to the yard for me, so spend some time with the miracle grow feeder and some weeding.
Hope you are all planning a nice and relaxing weekend.

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Dena said...

What an honor to have the neatest desk! When I was that age, I think all of the desks were stuffed with papers and other supplies so when you retrieved anything it would fall onto the floor.

Ballet... what memories. I took ballet for five years. A lot of hard work and sore toes! LOL