Saturday, June 6, 2009

Aren't they beautiful? The wall color isn't very complimentary though is it?? Still very overcast out there. Jillian and Ethan have arrived and are patiently waiting for us to go to the park. I'll get some photos there of the kids and add them here in a bit.
We are enjoying watching an inventive bluejay at one of my suet feeders. He can't quite reach the feeder from the pole so he leaps over, grabs some suet and falls to the ground to enjoy it! I don't like what a bully he can be, chasing the smaller birds away, but he is nicer to look at then that pesky crow.
Jillian only has one more week of school and she will be onto second grade, amazing! She is signed up for several weeks of daycamp this summer and so Ethan will take swimming lessons those weeks. Off to the park we go.


CarterQuilter said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for sharing your blog. Love the roses. Looking forward to photos of the grandkids.

You can add me to your blog list.

Cindy Carter

Piecefulafternoon said...

Lovely flowers - I can almost smell them from here. Good to hear from you and "meet" your blog.

Jo - from Bellingham

Yvonne said...

Hi Sharon! Nice to have found you, WASIQ friend. ;-)

Dena said...

Sharon, I just love peonies. They are one of my favorites. Mine bloomed a couple of days ago and I'm hoping the rain will hold off until they are finished blooming.

I'm glad to have found your blog. I just love this medium of putting your thoughts to words while sharing whatever your passion for the moment is. I only started mine a few weeks ago, but am having so much fun! I'm looking forward to reading more thoughts.

Judy said...

Hi Sharon, Aren't blogs the best! I love your peonies..I have some of my Gramma's deep red ones that are almost ready to burst open. I'm happy to read another WASIQer's blog. Judy D in SW WA