Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Our first California Valentines Day.  We are having dinner at Hurley's which is a local very nice restaurant.  But then again, in Yountville, EVERY restaurant is very nice.  We have been to this one once before and I get their daily menu via Facebook for their lunch service.  And to make the pot even sweeter, Costco had a couple of gift cards for this place, so we will eat at a reduced rate.  Always good.  I'll post photos of our dinner next time out.

It has turned into a really good, good day.  Other than I didn't sleep well in the early morning, so didn't roll out of bed until 10.  Headed for my first outing at this new gym about 11:30, and made the mistake of not having had anything to eat before hand.  Not even my smoothie.  I didn't want to take the time to make it and then drink it, since that takes me almost an hour.  But I do love it, and made one as soon as I got home and felt so much better right away.

The gym was nice.  Clean, not too busy.  Met a few friendly people and one real crank.  Oh well, that can be her problem.  Did a gentle 35 minutes of cardio between the treadmill, elliptical and bike.  Then I wandered around some of the equipment and did some lower body stuff.  Just enough to wake up those long slumbering muscles.  Wanting to plan ahead, I did have all my shower stuff packed and clean clothes and enjoyed a leisurely shower there.  Will save on my hot water bill.  One of the very best things about hitting the gym, is falling in love again with my music selection on my ipod.  Songs I haven't heard since the last time I was at a gym, well over a year ago.  Hootie, how I have missed you!!!  I'm using a free one week pass, but I'm anticipating a membership and not too proud to say that I'll be getting a SENIOR rate!

Picked up some napa and red cabbage, carrots and apple to make up a slaw that can sit in the fridge and I can eat out of for several days, so that will be good for a quick bite with good nutrition.  Just going into Whole Foods is such a treat, still.  AND I got a good parking space in a very busy lot that sometimes requires a few times around waiting for something to open up.  Then when I got in the line to checkout, the next door register opened up, and I got to be the first one up!  Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket?  Good luck is with me today.

Also got some GREAT news from my new property manager, she is pretty sure we have a renter.  Now to wait for the background checks to come through and be acceptable.  Then got a call from a realtor going to show the house tomorrow.  Who knows?  Could be a wonderful thing.

And the cherry on top, I think I can share here, since my following is small, there is going to be a new Templeton baby in the fall!!!!  WOO HOO!  Kyle and Genie are expecting baby #3.  She has had a little bit of a sketchy start, but things were pronounced all well and good today, so I am so happy.  For them.  And for me.  Nothing like a new baby to make your heart sing.  Please don't mention it on Facebook until I do over there.  But I just couldn't hold it all the way in.

A Valentine's Day to remember, for sure.

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