Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Do It

I think that is the Nike motto from a while back.  But it is what I need to have in front of me.  I have found myself back in my comfy hole again.  Spent the whole day between the computer, tv, kitchen.  A day that I could have done something, anything.  There are no excuses.  No reasons.  What is holding me back?

I've climbed over some real obstacles in my lifetime.  Even in just the last decade.  Why am I not "out there"?  It is just so easy to fix my coffee, sit down at the computer, start with my mail, and work my way through Facebook and Pinterest and next thing I know it is 3:00.  So now it is "too late" to go out and get anything accomplished.

I'm not even sewing.  Haven't hooked up my sewing machine since I returned from the retreat in mid January.  There are TONS of projects I have seen and thought would be fun to attack, and yet, I don't.

Had a free week pass to a nice gym in Napa, and went once.  Now what?  Got a start on a project for the Red Cross, now need to take the next step.

I know that planning is a great first step.  My gym bag is packed.  The only thing stopping me from going there tomorrow, is me.  Why?

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