Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bless Them, Release Them

Today I did a bit of Facebook housecleaning.  It felt really good.

Gone are people I knew only by name, probably came to be "friends" in the first place because we played a game together at one point or another.

And now all we shared were divergent opinions on mostly things political, and lately relating to guns and gun control.

So away with them.  I just don't need the stress.  I do love a good debate, but this was becoming just opposing rants.

Also gone are some people from my old hometown, that I don't ever really correspond with anymore.  And I'm still not certain which of them were the party responsible for tattling on me for saying something on Facebook.  But I'm pretty sure that whoever it was was among those that I have now said "bye bye" to.

Also cleared out some old apps and games.

Next up, I'll weed through some of the blogs on my list of blogs I follow.  I found recently that a few haven't had an entry for well over a year.  I know I've missed a few days here this year, but my intent is to try to pop in and leave at least a note most every day.

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Today seems to be housekeeping day - though mine is my actual house - finally I am up and doing a good amount of housework. Still no bending, lifting or twisting so I have my tools with me - grabber, long handled duster, stick for pushing things I want to move a little bit (and that don't weigh much). It is such fun!!!!

I can't believe someone "tattled" on you - that is just mean. I went through my facebook friends not too long ago - though I never played games so didn't have a long list to sort through - and you remind me, I need to go through my blog list.