Friday, July 8, 2011

Some Family Time...

Here are my three someone pointed out to me, as usual the oldest two are supervising, while the youngest does the work!!!

I was excited to finally find a time that I could have all three boys, along with their families together for a few days. We went to Lake Cavanaugh, one of my very favorite places to go with my quilting friends. This is a private home, right on the lake.

We went on July 3rd, which was Lynn's 60th birthday!! Jeff, Krista, Jillian and Ethan came that day. Big surprise for us all was that because so many residents of the lake are only part time, there was a HUGE fireworks display on the night of the 3rd, since many people had to travel home on the 4th to work on the 5th. So it was loud and gorgeous to watch all these fireworks happening around the lake.

It had been a rainy day, but the sun broke through in the afternoon, so Jillian and Ethan did spend some time in the lake. And they all went out for a canoe ride, which I wish I had taken photos of. Jeff was the firebuilder that first night, and battling wet wood, and limited newspaper he was a trouper, and got it going! S'mores were enjoyed by all of us.

The 4th started early with Kyle, Genie, Carter and Henry arriving very early in the day. The weather was perfect and they all had a great time in the sun

Yes, Kyle is one of the whitest men in America and it looks like Carter is going to suffer from the same issue....

I thought this was a great shot, I assure you Kyle was right outside the photo!!

Carter loved his little boat and thanked his Auntie Krista for bringing it for him.

When they weren't in the water, the grands had a great time with tons of brio train set

It's not often these guys get to play together, so the time they had was precious to me.

Todd and Jessica and their two dogs arrived the afternoon of the 4th. They brought dry wood for a fire and Todd set out to build quite the bonfire for our evening time on the beach. I told him it was looking like something he would need a permit for.

Jeff is putting some final touches on it. This is built right on the beach, no pit or anything.

We were all quite stunned when Lynn left the beach, came back in his swim suit, threw a towel in my lap and ran down the dock and leaped into the water!!! Said he could feel the 60 year old placque breaking up in his arteries!!! And no, I didn't have my camera ready for that.

I also wish I had gotten some shots of Cosmo, Jeff's border collie mix dog. I think he had the best time of everyone. It was his first experience in water, and he loved it. I think he would have chased those balls and sticks into the water until labor day....

Another night of loud and colorful fireworks, which unfortunately led to not a good sleeping night for Carter, Henry and therefore Kyle and Genie, so they headed home much earlier than planned, which was sad for all of us. I had hoped to get more photos, and spend more time with them all together. Best laid plans, as they say.

Jillian and Ethan said it was their second best vacation ever (their only other vacation having been a weekend to the Great Wolfe Lodge, go figure!) and they want us to go back again. In fact, Ethan announced he wanted to LIVE there!! I know just how he feels.

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Jo said...

What a wonderful vacation - so glad you all had fun!!!