Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Project

Thank you to Melissa for the link to a blog of a woman who made a rhubarb infused alcohol. This is my lovely rhubarb patch, courtesy of another friend Bea who actually mailed the roots to me! I've been harvesting and enjoying it for several years now. I'm noticing this year I'm getting A LOT of regrowth so when I saw the idea of setting up my own moonshine business I thought why not!!!

I plucked about 20 stalks, and separated them from their beautiful big leaves. I do get annoyed at times when recipes give directions with a WEIGHT of something rather than measurement. Yes, I do have a digital food scale, just not sure where I stashed it.

This is my bowl with all those stalks chopped up. Next into the food processor for a bit of a whirl.
The directions say that gives more surface area of the fruit to be able to infuse it's yummy goodness into the grain alcohol.

These are the two jars, all filled with fruit and Everclear. Yes, you can get it in Washington State at the Liquor store. It is 151 proof, not 190. Maybe I could have gotten that in Canada, but it wasn't worth the wait at the border!!

Now these two jars will sit happily in my pantry for at least a month. It's going to be great!!

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Julie said...

Great going! I haven't gotten to the liquor store yet. My SIL offered to buy me the 190 proof in Montana in the future if this turns out. Maybe Friday I can get there and start my own!