Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kitchen Window Sill

It's often said the heart of the home is in the kitchen. And I think the windowsill is a major part OF the kitchen. For many it is a refrigerator, with the surface area covered with photos, notes, coupons, magnets. My Aunt Mary always had the most covered fridge ever. It was one of those treats when we would visit that I would see what she had added.
When I birthed my first child, I arrived with excitement and anticipation on that first visit to her home and sure enough, the photo I had sent her was proudly displayed.

Her kitchen was very special. It was NEVER tidy, but never seemed messy. Just very busy. Here is my very favorite photo of my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dan. On the back of the April Ann, my Grandfathers boat.

I switched to the stainless appliances when I upgraded my kitchen, so magnets don't work. It really changed the whole flavor in the kitchen. One I hadn't anticipated.
Anyway, back to the windowsill. It was a last minute decision to change the wood to granite when I had the countertops done, and one I have never regretted.
So what is on there? On the right is some fresh mint, pulled from my garden, roots and all, that I pick from to add to salads and iced teas. Kind of silly, since I could walk out to the garden and grab it there, but I keep telling myself that I'm going out there to pull most of the invading bugger OUT of my garden...just haven't done it yet.
I have a small candle with a cute cover on it. Then the pottery piece that collects my quarters that I find in my pockets or purse.
Center stage is my living basil. From Trader Joes. The first time I bought one of these it lasted me months! Sometimes I just put my face right smack into it, inhale and smile. Pick a few leaves and cut them up to throw on ANYTHING! Lately, (in the lcl - low carb life) adding some to fresh cut tomatoes and a teeny sprinkle of white balsamic vinegar is the BEST thing EVER!!
Then I have another little pottery set that nickles, dimes and pennies go into.
And finally I have my precious begonia.

I bought this over a year ago in full bloom. Once it was done, I just kept it on the windowsill, pinched it once in a while and watered and what a GREAT surprise when I spotted some buds on there!

Even though purple is my favorite color, I have to say this apricot is my favorite color of flower.

Isn't that just the most glorious flower?

Oh dear, that bird feeder hanging outside the window is empty once again.
I best go fill it up before they start tapping on the window at me.....

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Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

I like kitchen windowsills - yours is especially charming. I bet those birds were happy to see you too.