Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Two

Of what?, you might ask......
First of all, aren't those radishes so pretty? I've always liked them. And celery.
So it is day 2 of Biking! I brought by beautiful new bike home yesterday and introduced her to you.

And even though it was late, 8:30 pm, I made sure I put on my helmet and went out for a ride. I went a bit further than yesterday. Learning to use my 7 speeds. I did make it up my hill today, so already that is progress!!

It is also Day Two of Living a Low Carb Life. Yes, I know. Been there, done that. In fact I came across a photo of that time long ago that I was eating low carb successfully, trimmer, happier.

This was taken at a retreat. I was in the process of designing this quilt which became a gift for a friend of ours. He still has it and uses it. I am thinking it was just over 9 years ago.

It will be "harder" this time, but only if I consider it to be a diet. I've reread my books, gone over my cook books and done some grocery shopping. Hence the radishes!

Krista and Jeff are eating this way now too, so that is helpful. Nice to have others doing the same, and having them to share fresh veggies with once we've shopped at Costco!

Also Day Two of living WITHOUT FarmTown. So far, so good!
Will keep you up to date.


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Way to go!!! Yesterday was my first day of walking - got down the hill, halfway up the next and then back home. We don't live on flat land, that is for sure - but someday I'll make the whole circuit - which involves five hills - up and back down. We live at the top of the highest hill so the challenge is right at the end of the walk.

Good for you on farmville too - so many things to distract us - and such fun too.

Melissa said...

Good job on day two Sharon! I am working my way back to limited carbs too. It is so hard since that's what I run to when I am stressed out, and then the vicious cycle continues. I think your bike is very cute. I'd love to get one, but between my self confidence and self-consciousness, I am waiting on that.