Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ethan helps in the kitchen!

I still giggle looking at this photo. I should have made him put a shirt back on! The two jars you see are some sugar free ketchup that we made together today.
For my low carb lifestyle as well as his parents we made this up today. It was easy and fun. He added all the ingredients to the blender and got to use the measuring cups and spoons. When he was rinsing out the tomato paste cans before taking them to the recycle bin, his shirt got wet.

Lynn has been asking me why I save these kinds of jars and lids, and now I can show him! I find myself attracted to jars, and bowls...not sure why. Could be worse, it could be jewelry or shoes!!

Had my annual eval today. And signed up for a couple of 4 hour shifts next week, while the kids are at daycamp. Figured I should keep my working options open a bit longer. Both kids will be in school full time starting late August, and I don't know what I might find to do! So maybe working a bit more is in the cards.

Low carb day 3 is all good. I am trying a few different recipes this time around, and I made baked eggs with cream and cheese today and they were fantastic!! I'm having a "thing" with Gruyere cheese. I actually first discovered this tempting tasty treat when I was low carbing in the past. It wasn't as easily available at the time, but lucky me, Costco has it most the time.

My bike ride tonight was further than yesterdays. That will be my goal, to go at least a bit further each day I am able to ride. I say able since I am going to be away from my bike for a day or two. Anyway, when I came back today my legs were so wobbly! A good thing! I also used my headset today, with some good music, not too loud so I can still hear the occasional car that may come along.

Off to bed.

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