Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Krista did such a great job making these costumes for Jillian and Ethan this year. Jillian is Amy Hedgehog and Ethan is Sonic. They go into Bellingham and trick or treat with some other little friends and this was taken after that so they were pretty wiped out.

I live in a small town that is extremely right wing/conservative and with Halloween falling on Sunday that was virtually no trick or treaters that night, we only had one other than Jillian and Ethan. On Saturday night we had about a dozen.

Thankfully Lynn took the leftover candy into work and got rid of it there.

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Cute and cuter! Our grandsons trick-or-treated on Saturday downtown - the merchants do it up big. Then Sat night Ben went around to just his neighborhood - he was a clone warrior - not sure what that is exactly - but that's what he was - and a darn cute one too.