Monday, November 29, 2010

Heading for School

Last night Jeff and Krista went to see a show at the Mount Baker theater so Jillian and Ethan came to spend the night, on a school night which doesn't happen very often.

So getting up with two kids to get ready to go to school also doesn't happen very often!!! As you all know by now, I was blessed with birthing only boys, so I never had the little girl prep stuff as a young mother. So Jillian, bless her heart, let me play with her hair!

We did four fairly tight braids last night before she went to bed, and unfortunately they didn't dry all the way this morning, so we whipped out a curling iron and had fun creating some curls!! She has a cute little barrette clipped onto her headband.

Jeff likes to keep Ethan's hair cut pretty close. He is so darling any which way, I was just beginning to enjoy him having some hair until his Daddy took the shears to him yesterday!!

Once we looked at the first photo we decided to try again. I got a couple of smiles this time, but oh my, does Jillian look like ME in this one!!

Wednesday is my day to get my fall quilts down and put up the Christmas decorations. Will probably put up the trees this weekend.

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Dena said...

I love seeing how the kids have grown. Last summer we had a few of our grand kids come for a visit. Two of them were 3 years old... Oh, how I have forgotten how much work it is to have 3 year olds! That was definitely a full-time job. But we had so much fun. Can't wait until next summer!