Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rainy Night in Lynden

Boy, does Rocco know how to relax!!! I actually had to watch for a minute to make sure he was actually breathing....

I did get the family room, hallway and master bedroom carpets all cleaned today. It's amazing that as old as this carpet is ( I think about 17 years old and it is beige) it sure cleans well.

While watching another UW Husky debacle on TV. It's so hard to watch this team continue to suffer with transitions.

It was a perfect day for making some chicken soup with dumplings. Here is my chicken in the pot with it's veggie friends and some fresh herbs from the garden. It makes me feel so "Martha" like to snip fresh herbs.

I'm surely missing my daily contacts with sister Carol. Her cruise ship is on it's way back to Fort Lauderdale and she will be back home on Monday I think. I was hoping she would have better access to internet updates, but that didn't seem to happen.

Looking forward to a nice long day of sewing tomorrow. Lynn has a rotary event all day. I downloaded a couple of new books onto my iPod so will have a grand time of it. What are You planning to do?

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