Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preparing to Runaway!

I'm so excited to be preparing to Runaway with some quilting friends next week. I haven't been to a retreat since April, and my stack of things to get quilted surely shows that. I just got another quilt back from Carol, here is a photo.

This was a top I made many years ago. I wanted something that would have "wintery" feel to it, and with my love of blocks and scraps this is what developed.

The border is actually made of nine patch blocks that are cut on the diagonal.

This was a pretty low priority top to get quilted, and now that it is done I really, really like it. I washed it, as I always do, and can you believe that some blue ran!!! I've only had a bleeding problem once before, and thankfully I still had my nice bottle of Synthapol, so I washed it again with that and the bleed off disappeared and left my quilt as you see it.

I am so NOT a prewasher!

Will be posting as I prep for my retreat. Hope you are all well.


Pat said...

Enjoy your retreat...our little group has one next week, too! Your finished quilt is wonderful. (I don't tend to pre-wash, either.)

Julie said...

What a great quilt! I do prewash because of allergies and I can definitely tell when I've working with stuff that hasn't been washed! Just this week I found out that I was bumped up off the waiting list and get to go to a retreat in 3 weeks! Still would like to retreat with you sometime!

Eileen said...

Hi Sharon,

Still reeling from your wonderful presentation in Puyallup. Thank you so much for your ideas, inspiration and sense of humor. One of the quilts you showed was a puzzle and I can't seem to find a pattern online. (Your blocks are bigger and better proportioned AND the tabs are square.) Do you recall the pattern you used? Thanks.