Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falling Forward!

These are those fall days of "layering"...the mornings are cool and the day just keeps getting warmer and warmer. This quilt was gifted to me as a thank you for serving as guild president. Isn't it gorgeous????
I spent a bit of time out cleaning out the veggie garden. And it really is showing me how out of shape and what diminished energy I have. So I'll do a bit more each day and not get frustrated with what I DON'T have.
Ethan will be here in about half an hour and we will pick Jillian up at school at 3:10 and then come home and bake cookies! I'm going to get out my new Kitchen Aid and make a big batch of what some used to call "Mrs. Fields" cookies. Or Neiman Marcus cookies, or ranger cookies. They have everything in them, oatmeal, chocolate chips, nuts and I add some coconut. They freeze great and are oh so yummy! I haven't make them for decades it seems, they can be tough to deal with using a hand mixer.
I do keep wandering in and out of my sewing room. I have a row quilt round robin up on my wall. I am so behind on this swap, but I'm determined to get this one done by the weekend.
Speaking of the weekend, it was awesome to hear that some TV station has picked up the UW/Stanford game Saturday night, so we will get to watch the game after all! Still feeling the glow of the win last Saturday over USC. Then I saw a great piece on the USC coach on 60 Minutes the next day and discovered what a great human being the man is. But I'm still glad we beat them!!!
Tomorrow is sweet Genie's birthday, so I'll be writing about her and what a blessing she has been to our family.
Back out to pull out more spearmint that has gone wild!!

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Dena said...

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the beautiful vibrant colors and your quilt is the perfect picture of fall.