Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Did I mention here yet how much I LOVE my new coffee maker? Unless I have company over, I am the only one here that drinks coffee. I've tried a few different coffee makers, one of which would grind the beans just before the coffee was made, but since it was set on a timer in the morning, I found that the sound of the grinder was waking me at least 15-20 minutes before I wanted to be awake - LOL!
This is the Keurig and it makes my coffee just one beautiful cup at a time. I pour my cream in as it is dripping, so it is well blended. So simple, so fast and so yummy! Usually I only want one cuppa coffee in the morning, so again, perfect. And in the evening I do a cuppa tea. The K Cups that you use have different teas, several grades of coffee and even hot chocolate. Yes, they are more expensive, but if I think of all the coffee I threw away because I made too much, it balances out for me. I have found the K cups most readily available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Fred Meyer has a place on their shelf for them, but it was empty when I was last there. The shelf, not Fred Meyer....
I spent some time cruising through the Etsy site last night. There were several quilt tops listed there for sale. I wish there was some way to find out how often these actually SELL. But I'll give it a go, and even list some of my baby bibs on there. They do charge a very small fee for items to be listed for four months. A little more investigation is warranted.
I soaked some chicken in the brine last night and today will cook it along with some mac and cheese to take to the kids house for dinner. It was Jillian's first day of second grade! I'm going to meet her bus at home and spend a few hours over there, since Jeff has football practice. And I'm going to take my sewing machine and the Barbie princess fabric over and make the curtains for her bedroom that I promised her long I'm expecting a GOOD day!

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Hi, I got your comment about how many UFOs to choose from, but couldn't reply to it as your comments are set to no reply. You can change that by going into your profile and changing the setting.

Anyway, We started in January with 11 to choose from. So now we are down to the last 3. Feel free to play along if you wish, I'll have to ask the girls if they want to do it again.