Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame - California Style

Happy 62nd Birthday to Lynn!!  He has been a lifelong DODGERS fan (some of you may recall we had personalized auto plates reflecting this fact) and when he spotted the game on the SF Giants schedule the weekend after his birthday, it became a no brainer as to what his gift should be.

We live about an hour north of San Fran (the "city") and have driven in a few times as a day trip.  But I thought this would be more fun to go via Ferry from Vallejo.

This is the Ferry we boarded at 2:30 for the 4:15 game start.  It takes about 25 minutes to get to Vallejo.  Parking across the street we had our special Giants Ferry tickets in our hot little hands.  I was surprised that Lynn chose to NOT wear one of his several Dodgers ballcaps, but I proudly wore a Seattle Mariners cap!

They sell 300 tickets for this Game Day ferry crossing.  The seats were very comfortable and they have a bar on board.  I figured I would have a nice beverage on the return voyage and was disappointed that the ferry had to abide by ballpark rules, and no alcohol was available after the 7th inning....
The crossing takes just about an hour.  Under the bay bridge.  We cruised passed the staging area for the upcoming America's Cup race.  The dock is right outside this gate!!

What could be easier???

The weather in the valley had been very hot during the week, but we had been warned that it would be much cooler in the city and at the ballpark.  You can see the flags blowing in the photo.

Our seats were under cover so we had no problems with sun, or wind.  The temperature was absolutely perfect.

Our seats were 40 rows up from home plate.  How awesome was that???

Sitting to my right, 2 young ladies who it turned out had just completed their freshman year at Seattle University!!  They were both Marin county residents who wanted to be away from home for college, but remain on the coast.  We had a grand time comparing In and Out Burgers with Dicks.  As well as other hot spots in the Seattle area.

Sadly the Dodgers lost this game, only one of the series I think, and the young Cuban hotshot had the worst day at the plate ever.

After the game we had been instructed to return to the dock and board our boat home within half an hour.  Our boat ended up having to wait so we had to stand in line, for about 40 minutes.  But our line was right here, next to this amazing sailboat marina.  Not too bad of a place to wait.  We will definitely go to another game though I have been instructed that I CANNOT become a SF Giants fan.  Which is fine.  I don't do orange all that well.

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Dena said...

What a great birthday present and it looks like you had a gorgeous day, too. Love the pictures you shared.