Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Exciting NEW Adventure!!!

This is my first quilt top, photo taken before I actually quilted it.  I would take a new photo, but this quilt is up in Olympia at my sisters on "my" bed up there.  I will be sure to take a new photo next time I am up there. 

Isn't it pretty???  I knew I loved florals right from the get go, bright colors, clear colors and purple of course. 

Today I attended the Northern California Quilters Commission meeting, which was a presentation called Meet The Teacher.  There were 25 Quilters who each had 3 minutes to give a quick bio and description of what they have to offer to the surrounding quilt guilds as far as lecture/trunkshow and workshops. 

I was so motivated!!!  So I came home and right away, logged in and joined this group.  And now I have registered a website domain name and am in process of designing my first and official website!!  I was so surprised that the very first name I thought of was actually available, so I snapped it right up!!!  I'll share it and post it once I launch the website, which I hope will be within a week. 

I'm hoping to be on the list of presenters at the October meeting and get started out there sharing my love of buying, pressing, cutting up and reassembling fabric, designing quilts and sharing tips for new and not so new quilters. 

Wish me luck!!  And if you belong to a guild that needs a fun and motivating speaker, let me know! 


Dena said...

How exciting! I know you have a lot to offer everyone. Good luck on your new adventure. I can't wait to see you new website.

Anonymous said...

I think that is an excellent choice for you, Sharon. I've always thought you excelled in teaching, speaking, writing and entertaining. I wish you the best!