Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We took a Sunday drive and headed for the coast.  Our "end point" was Mendocino.  It was amazing to watch the temperature drop as we got further west.

Two stops provided me to take some cool photos.  Lynn spotted the cave down at the bottom of this one, while my attention was drawn to the wildflowers and the trees in the background.  All worked together.

It was a bit grey on this day, but cool was good.

Again it was the delicacy of the wildflowers that really caught my attention, and then adding the rock formation in the background made it just great.

I loved all of this one.  How the wildflowers grow up and into the center of this tree and then the rocks and waves below.  It really was a great spot.  And no, I didn't smell anything "funny" in the air.  If anything I caught a whiff of dill!

I should have cropped this one a bit before posting.  Anyway, while we were sitting here this pair of I think maybe turkey vultures started to play in the drafts occurring around us.  This was the only decent shot I got.  It was an amazing feeling to watch these birds just play...

This is one of two benches that were placed at this spot in the road.  It was really cool.  Hard to imagine how many people had rested upon it, while enjoying this wonderful view of peace and serenity.

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