Monday, July 8, 2013

Something Special

I love these sheets.  Lynn and I have been married for 39+ years, and I think these sheets are about that old.  It's like people who have a fondness for a pair of blue jeans that they have "worn to death" but can't part with them because when you put them on, they just make the whole world seem better.  They know all your curves and bulges.  You feel confident, happy and serene in them.
I feel like that about these silly sheets.  Chances are at least one of my first two children were conceived upon them.  Child number three was my "Reno" baby, but that's another story.
I've laughed in them, cried in them, nursed my babies in them.  Kids crawled into them from time to time.  Jeff slept on the floor next to them, when I told him that he was just getting too big to get in the bed with us.  So I woke one morning and nearly stepped on him.
I recovered from surgery in them, tried to sleep through chemo days in them.
They would have been the sheets Ethan was born into, but I just couldn't take the chance that they might be too messy afterwards.
All of our cats, Paco, Jessie, Quantas, Stormy, Gizmo, Bear, Patches, Wendall, Dutch, Rocco have slept upon them.
When Todd was gone on a trip, and I picked Laila (the 80# doberman) up at the boarding place for the night before Todd returned home, I awoke with her in the bed and it very well could have been on these sheets.
They are 270 count Egyptian cotton.  Faded, worn, and wonderful.
Just like being married for almost 40 years.....

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