Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Have Learned So Far

The boxes are not all empty yet, but I have learned some things already about being a California Girl

1.  Smaller is okay!  So far I really like the layout of this 1200 square foot condo.  Being the end unit is a real advantage as I can pretend all the property next to me is, well, mine.

2.  Having someone else doing the yard work is very nice.  I know, Jay has done 95% of the yard work for the past few years, but Jose is doing a great job!

3.  Having someone else doing the yard work could become a problem  Now that Jay doesn't have the yard work to do, he is trying to find things to do, in the house!  No Honey, please don't unpack anymore boxes.  

4.  Living in a different environment than I have for the past 60 years is a nice adventure.  Waking to sunshine everyday, and learning to schedule around the heat of the day has been fine, and fun.

5.  Cats do adapt.

6.  Fresh is best in the kitchen.  

7.  Ground turkey is fine to use, though some seasoning adjustments will need to be made.

8.  Picking fresh citrus off a nearby shrub is a great feeling!  

9.  No one needs 23 kitchen towels.

10.  Wireless is nice, plugging the computer IN makes it work better.....that battery doesn't last long.


Shasta said...

That's a great way to move forward - glad you are enjoying your new surroundings and learning great lessons.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great things to learn - I loved the one about Jay unpacking no more boxes. LOL.

That CA fresh stuff is pure heaven!

conz zaragoza said...

I agree with all you've written in the list. Small is way better. Its easy to clean and you have it all to yourself. I've learned a lot from you. Thanks.
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